H Series Truck Diesel Engine

Our H series truck diesel engine is a new generation of energy saving and eco-friendly product developed by Ricardo research institute in Europe according to the market demand. It is designed in light weight with four valves. Due to the advanced manufacturing technology, this product can totally fulfill the emission requirement in the current China IV and China V standards in the future.

It makes full use of the leading scientific technology of internal combustion engine currently in the world and it gets the advantages of fuel conservation, strong power, high reliability, low noise and so on. This H series truck diesel engine is developed to be in accordance with the habits of users as could as possible.

SC7H Model Truck Diesel Engine

Technical Specification of SC7H Model Truck Diesel Engine
Model Unit EURO III, Euro III/Euro IV/Euro V
SC7H200 SC7H220 SC7H240 SC7H260
Type   In-line, electronically controlled common rail, four valves, TCI, water cooling, rear gear housing
Bore ×Stroke mm 105×124
Total displacement L 6.5
Rated power/rated speed kw/r/min 147/2300 162/2500 177/2500 192/2300
Maximum torque/speed N.m/r/min 750/1200~1800 800/1200~1800 920/1200~1800 1000/1200~1800
Min. fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤190
Noise dB(A) ≤95
Overall dimension mm Length: 1059
Width: 7725 Height: 960
Net weight kg 480
Power range ps 180~260
Detailed Information
Technologies Function Advantages
There are 4 valves in each cylinder and the fuel injector is laid vertically in the middle. Increase the inlet flow and get the atomized fuel distributed reasonably Improve the engine performance like horsepower and torque and reduce the fuel consumption.
Latest generation of Nippon Denso HP3 fuel system with high pressure common rail The maximum fuel injection pressure reaches 1800bar, which may lead to excellent fuel atomization, with controllable flow deviation of the fuel injector. Low emission, noise and fuel consumption.
Modular integration design, the H series truck diesel engine is integrated with the oil cooler cavity, water pump casing, oil pump cavity and other parts. The quantity of the parts and the sealing surface are decreased. The reliability of the engine is improved.
Integral cylinder cover and the high strength engine with reinforcing rib in patent design Excellent rigidity of the entire engine Low vibration and noise
Cracking connecting rod The upper cover of the connecting rod matches the lower cover one for one to avoid errors and keep good alignment. Easy repair and maintenance
Dry cylinder liner The cylinder liner material may have better performance than that of the engine block. Improve the abrasive resistance and the engine is easier for repair and maintenance than the product without cylinder liner.
Aluminum piston with corrugated inner cooling oil passage The cooling effect of the piston is greatly improved The operation reliability of the piston is increased.
International leading Nippon Denso ceramic chip ECU Low heat dissipation requires no external cooling pipeline High reliability of the whole engine
High pressure fuel pipeline made of imported dual layers of metal materials of Japan Excellent resistance to pressure and the corrosion Reliable fuel pipeline
Peripheral accessories in standardized design Exchangeable with the mainstream accessories, making the accessories easily available. Easy repair and maintenance
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