E Series Truck Diesel Engine

In respect of the current leading diesel engine of the heavy duty vehicle in the world, we unite AVL company in Austria to create and develop the E series truck diesel engine in the new platform. Meeting the developing requirements of the heavy duty vehicles with large power and high speed, this product is extensively used in the market of heavy duty truck and large luxury coach.

This product features progressive technology, reliable quality, fuel economy and other remarkable advantages. Up to the emission standard of China IV, it also has the upgrading potential to meet the requirements of China V and VI standards.

SC12E Diesel Engine

Technical Specification
Model Unit EURO III, Euro III/Euro IV/Euro V
SC12E385 SC12E400 SC12E440 SC12E480
In-line, four valves, electronically controlled common rail, TCI, water cooling wet cylinder liner, rear gear housing
Bore ×Stroke mm 128×153
Total displacement L 11.8
Rated power/rated speed kw/r/min 283/1900 294/1900 323/1900 353/1900
Maximum torque/speed N.m/r/min 1800/1000~1500 1950/1000~1500 2100/1000~1500 2200/1000~1500
Min. fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤185
Noise dB(A) ≤97
Overall dimension mm Length:1389
Width: 824
Height: 1155
Net weight kg 1070
Power range ps 350 ~ 480
Detailed Information
Technology Function
Single overhead camshaft with roller rocker The short driving chain makes the valve control more accurate. The friction pairs are reduced in number, with little change in the valve clearance. The E series truck diesel engine works reliably.
Compression release braking Large braking power, rational structure layout, zero influence to the height of the engine
Cracking connecting rod Automatic error proofing, reliable performance and accurate positioning
Rear gear housing with PTO output Reduce the noise of vibration and widen the application scope
Two standard oil filters in parallel Decrease maintenance cost and it is easy to acquire accessories
Optional bypass oil filter The oil replacement period is extended by over 50%.

1.Large Power
This E series truck diesel engine owns large torque reserve and enough power. Moreover, its power will not lose at the altitude of 2500m on the highland. With this engine, the whole vehicle is endowed with excellent power and overload working capacity.

2. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
This product features high fuel efficiency and low friction. The minimum fuel consumption is 185g/kw.h, up to the international advanced level. Every drop of fuel is fully utilized. Conforming to the emission standards of China III, IV and V, this engine is energy saving and environment protective.

3. Efficient Braking
This E series truck diesel engine employs the advanced compression brake system that offers the braking power of 21kw/l at the speed of 1900rpm. It keeps the downhill vehicle with heavy load driving safely and reduces the fatigue of the driver, as well as the brake facing. This engine generates low idle noise and low vibration.

4. Reliable and Durable
This product can be used to drive 1 million kilometers. Under the standard working conditions, the valve clearance will be adjusted when the driving distance is prolonged to 40,000km. The engine oil has to be changed in the cycle of 40,000 km.

5. Intelligent and Convenient
This engine enables the vehicle to cruise at constant speed and drive flexibly. With the GPS positioning and remote diagnosis, users can enjoy the modern new technology of electronic communication.

6. Easy Repair and Maintenance
The valve clearance is free of adjustment while driving within 40,000km. The accessories of the E series truck diesel engine are easy for dismantling and repairing. Moreover, this product chooses the commonly used mature parts in the market, such as the oil filter.

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