D Series Diesel Engine

The D series diesel engine is a mature product independently developed by introducing advanced experiences from Europe, America and Japan with leading performance, mature technology and outstanding cost performance. It is an efficient oil saving, low noise, environmentally friendly and compact passenger car power.

Diesel Engine SC5DK

Technical Specification
Power Range: 160~220PS
Model Unit EuroIII/IV
SC5DK160Q4 SC5DK180Q4 SC5DK200Q4 SC5DK220Q4
6 In-line, Electronic-controlled, Water-cooling Cylinder Liner, Front Gear Train
Aspiration mm×mm TCI
Bore×Stroke L 114×130
Total Displacement
Rated Power/Rated Speed kW/r/min 118/2300 132/2300 147/2300 160/2300
Mini Fuel Consumption g/Kw.h ≦200
Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/r/min 600/1500 660/1500 732/1500 840/1500
Noise dB(A) ≦97
Overall Dimension mm Length: 900 Wide: 794 High: 925
Weight kg 540
  • Integral Cylinder Cover
    Good Rigidity of the Whole Engine
    Lower Vibration and Noise

  • Piston with Inner-Cooling Oil Passage
    Improved Cooling Effect of the Piston
    Improved Operation Reliability of the Piston

  • Special Japanese Steel Piston Ring and NPR Cylinder Liner Honing Processing Technology
    Optimized the Operating Characteristics of Friction Pair
    Improved Reliability and Decreased Engine Fuel Consumption

  • Double-Squish Swirl Combustion Chamber
    Improved the Quality of Fuel-Air Mixture and Higher Combustion Rate
    Lower Fuel Consumption and Emission

  • Special Efficient Pressure Booster for Passenger Car
    Decreased Engine Oil Impurities
    Reduced Wear and Tear of the Piston Ring

  • High-Pressure Oil Pipe of Double-Layer Metal Material Imported from Japan
    Higher Pressure-Proof and Corrosion-Resistant Capacity
    Fuel Pipeline with High Reliability

Integral Airway Casting
Ensured Consistency of Airway Vortex
Improved Performance of the Whole Engine and Its Consistency

  • Intelligent Temperature Control Technology
    Protection and Warning for Low-Temperature
    Warming Up and High Temperature
    Intelligently Guaranteed Reliability of the
    Engine Friction Pair and Prolonged Service life

  • Nippon Denso's High-Pressure Common
    Rail Fuel System

    180MP Maximum Fuel-Injection Pressure, Good Effect of Fuel Atomization and Strong
    Adaptability to Oil Products
    Lower Engine Emission, Noise and Fuel Consumption with Higher Reliability

  • Full-Flow Oil Filter of Additional
    Fine Filter

    Full-Flow Oil Filter of Additional Fine Filter
    Reduced Wear and Tear of the Piston Ring

  • Double Operating Mode and Multi Operating Mode Technology
    Meeting Adaptability for Vehicle Power Selection
    Further Reduced Fuel Consumption

  • Integration Technology of
    Electrical Control Functions

    Integrated Control of Engine and the Entire Vehicle
    Meeting User Demand, Advanced, Intelligent
    and Convenient

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