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H Series Engine for Generating Sets

Features of H series Engine
Power Range: 68ps~250ps
SDEC's H series engine is a new energy-saving and eco-friendly engine for generating sets. With the adoption of the advanced design philosophy from Europe and US, it is designed by the cooperation with AVL Company and manufactured strictly according to the SAIC's GPDP design process. Our product incorporates a series of advanced technologies including four-valves, fuel atomization, modular design, cracking connecting rod, etc., featuring compact structure, low noise, strong power, low fuel consumption, as well as good reliability. All in all, it is an ideal matching power for generating sets.

Main Specifications
Model SC4H90D2 SC4H140D2 SC4H170D2 SC7H180D2 SC7H210D2 SC7H230D2 SC7H250D2
Type Electronic Governor, In-line, Water-cooled, 4 Stroke, Direct Injection, Turbocharged, Air-Air Intercooler
Number of Cylinder *Bore(mm) 4×105 6×105
Cylinder Liner Cooling Dry Type
Piston Stroke (mm) 124
Total Displacement(L) 4.3 6.5
Compression Ratio 15.9
Adjustable Rate (%) 0-5
Rotational Speed(r/min) 1500
Prime Power/ Rated Power (kW) 64 92 115 120 140 155 168
Standby Power(kW) 70 101 126 132 154 170 184
Minimum Fuel Consumption (g/kW·h) ≤199
FSN ≤1.5
Oil Capacity(L) 13 17.5
Lubricating Oil Consumption (g/kW·h) ≤0.3
Firing Order(From Free End) 1-3-4-2 1-5-3-6-2-4
Crankshaft Rotation Direction (Face to the End of Flywheel) Anticlockwise
Emissions Standards/ Regulations Non-road G II
Noise dB(A) 96
Net Weight(kg) 450kg 580kg
The Packaged Dimension of Engine(mm) 1292*1092*1429mm 1592*1092*1629mm
Plateau Performance(M) 2000
Flywheel/Flywheel Housing SAE11.5#/SAE3#

1. Modular Design
Water pump, oil pump, and oil cooler are incorporated into the engine block. The inlet pipe and cylinder head are combined with each other.
Function: The modular design, used by our H series engine, allows it to reduce the quantity of engine components, improving its reliability and lessening intake resistance.
Advantages: Compact structure, high reliability.

2. Patented Design of Strengthening Rib on the Engine Block
Function: High rigidity and high stiffness
Advantages: Reducing the vibration and noise.

3. Standardized Accessories Parts
Function: Better compatibility and rigidity
Advantage: Easy maintenance

4. Electronic Governor
Function: This H series engine is controlled by the electronic governor with high accuracy, meeting the highest requirement for steady state rate of power station.
Advantages: Better steady-state rate and more accurate instantaneous rate

5. Integral Cylinder Head, High Flow Coefficient and Low Eddy Current Airway Design
Function: The intensity and rigidity of cylinder head is greatly improved and this optimized design of airway meets these demands such as high power, low emission, low fuel consumption, and so on.
Advantages: Lower vibration, lower noise, and less fuel consumption.

Technical Parameters of H Series Engine
Power Range: 50-168 KW
Rotation Speed: 1500 rpm

6. Cracking Connecting Rod
Function: One-on-one matching with connecting rod cap ensures precise positioning and improves the engine assembly quality.
Advantage: Easy maintenance

7. Dry-type Cylinder Liner
Function: This dry-type cylinder liner ensures better performance.
Advantages: With adoption of this cylinder liner, our H series engine is easy to maintain, enhancing its wear resistance properties.

8. Rear Gearbox
Function: More stable gear transmission
Advantage: Lower noise

9. Four Valves per Cylinder
Function: This structure will increase the inlet airflow as well as enhance the power and torque of this H series engine.
Advantages: The power of this product is increased. Both the emission and fuel consumption are decreased.

10. P7100 Fuel Injection System
Latest P-series fuel injector adopts the layout of vertical and middle positioning.
Function: With high injecting pressure, this layout ensures the quality of fuel atomization as well as better combustion.
Advantage: Less fuel consumption as well as less emission.

Overall and Mounting Dimensions of H Series Engine
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