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R Series Bus Diesel Engine

This R series bus diesel engine is a newly created after we become the member of Shanghai Automotive Industry Group. It performs with low emission that satisfies the China IV standard and the future China V standard. With the advanced and exquisite technology of VM company in Italy, this product is mounted on a large range of applicable vehicles that are prevailed in the world, such as Alfa Romeo, Chrysler Voyager, Land Rover Defender, JEEP Cherokee, and LDV light duty passenger vehicle, etc.

In the import and production process, this R series bus diesel engine inherits the superior manufacturing technology and excellent performance, ensuring the quality. As the domestic auto market develops constantly, this product becomes the first selection of power for various diesel vehicles in China.

Detailed Information
Technology Function Advantage
16-valve cylinder cover Increase the inlet flow Improve the engine performance like horsepower and torque.
The second generation BOSCH high
pressure common rail fuel system, CP1H oil pump
It can spray five times each cycle and the maximum fuel injection pressure reaches 1600bar. The flow deviation of the fuel injector can be controlled. The R series bus diesel engine exerts lower emission, noise and fuel consumption for
Optional VGT/FGT supercharger with electronic control and variable cross
The engine gets wider torque and faster dynamic response. The driving performance and the economical property of the vehicle are improved. The emission and fuel consumption become lower.
Tappet roller pin Reduce the height and friction loss for the engine The engine becomes small in size and it reduces the fuel consumption.
Hydraulic gap adjuster Automatic adjustment for the valve clearance The maintenance is easy to be accomplished without adjusting the intake and exhaust mechanism.
Common rail pressure control valves Better control for the common rail pressure Improved the drivability of the vehicle and the stability of the cold start and the engine operation
DOHC (Double overhead camshaft) Increase the coolant and air flow rate and improve
the engine performance
The dynamic performance of the engine is improved
Technical Specification
Model Unit EURO III, Euro III/Euro IV, Euro V
SC25R101 SC25R120 SC25R136 SC28R110 SC28R125 SC28R143 SC28R150
Type   In-line, electronically controlled common rail, four valves, VGT (FGT optional), water Cooling
Bore ×Stroke mm 92×94 94×100
Total displacement L 2.5 2.8
Rated power/rated speed kw/r/min 74/3200 88/3800 100/3800 82/3000 92/3000 105/3600 110/3600
Min. fuel consumption g/kw.h 252/1600 300/1800 330/1800 285/1600 330/1600 350/1800 360/1800
Maximum torque/speed N.m/r/min 203 200
Noise dB(A) Length: 585 Width: 616 Height: 760
Weight kg 235
Power range ps 90~165
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