As a professional diesel engine manufacturer in China, we are involved in the production of truck engines, marine engines, and generators etc. To better serve our customers, we provide engine components such as crankshafts and liner kits. To date, we have received ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 certification. We have accumulated over 60 years of experience, enabling us to provide our customers with products of superior quality.
We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

It. Part Name Application Part No. Remark
1 Crankshaft Cummins 3907803 forged steel
2 Crankshaft Cummins 3907803 cast iron
2 Crankshaft Cummins 3908031 forged steel, with gear
3 Crankshaft Cummins 3907804 forged steel
3 Crankshaft Cummins 3908032 forged steel, with gear
4 Crankshaft Cummins 3917320 forged steel
5 Crankshaft Cummins 3918986 forged steel, with gear
6 Crankshaft World leading 4N7692 cast iron, with gear
7 Crankshaft Komatsu 6205-31-1100 cast iron
8 Crankshaft Komatsu cast iron
9 Crankshaft Komatsu 6134-31-1110 cast iron
10 Crankshaft Komatsu 6130-32-1111 cast iron
11 Crankshaft Komatsu 6110-33-1112 cast iron
12 Crankshaft Komatsu 6207-31-1100 cast iron
13 Crankshaft Komatsu 6136-31-1010 cast iron
14 Crankshaft Komatsu 6222-31-1110 cast iron
15 Crankshaft Komatsu 6138-31-1010 cast iron
16 Crankshaft Komatsu 6151-31-1101 cast iron
17 Crankshaft Komatsu 6127-31-1114 cast iron
18 Crankshaft World leading 4N7693 forged steel
19 Crankshaft World leading 4N7693 forged steel, with gear
20 Crankshaft World leading 4N7693 cast iron
21 Crankshaft World leading 4N7692 cast iron
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