Fuel System

SDEC, began in 1947, is a leading diesel engine manufacturer in China. Apart from truck engines, marine engines and generators, we also provide many engine components such as fuel systems, connecting rods, and so on. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we can offer customers high quality products at low prices. We are located in Shanghai. Here we have easy access to sea ports, airports and highways, which allow us to conveniently transport our products.
We are looking forward to working with more customers around the globe!

It. Part name unit partno. REMARK
1 Injector pc 22808/7N0449
2 Injector pc F237/1W5829
3 Injector pc 9L6969/22762
4 Injector pc 9N2366
5 Injector pc 8N7005
6 Injector pc 7W7038
7 plunger pc 1W6541
8 plunger pc 7W0182
9 plunger pc 8N3539
10 plunger pc 1P6400
11 plunger pc 9H5797
12 plunger pc 6N7527
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