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SC5DK Electronically Controlled Diesel Engine

The Euro III electronically controlled diesel engine is a volume production of shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., which uses the mature D114 diesel engine as the manufacturing basis and combines renovations with mature technologies in Chinese, Japanese and American markets, and key components of which are all international famous brand products.
The power coverage: 150~336 PS and the max. torque: 1350Nm
Sufficient spare parts (interchange- Eable with Euro Ⅱproduct)and Professional Euro Ⅲ service.
The specific fuel consumptionPer 100 km run is 5% ~ 10% down against the Euro Ⅱ prod-uct. The specification of the fuelused conforms to that available in China.
Euro Ⅲ emission without black smoke.
The engine noise is lower than 98 dB(A), and complete busnoise is under 82 bB(A)
Mature product, mature market and mature technology createhigher reliability.
Application to truck markets.

SPECIFICATIONS of SC5DK Electronically Controlled Diesel Engine
Model Unit Euro Ⅲ
SC5DK180Q3 SC5DK200Q3
Type DI, In-line,6-cylinder, Four stroke, Water cooled
Aspiration Turbocharged Intercooled TCI
Bore×Stroke mm×mm 114×130
Total Displacement L 5.3
Compression Ratio 17.3:1
Rated Power/Rated Speed kW/r/min 132/2200 147/2200
BSFC@Rated Condition g/kW.h ≦218∽225
Min.BSCF@Full Load g/kW.h 200
Minimum BSFC g/kW.h ≦195-198
Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/r/min 660/1400~1600 735/1400~1600
Noise dB(A) ≦98
Overhaul Interval km ≧400000
Cold Start (Without Aid) Smooth start within 15s at -15℃
(Without Aid) Smooth start within 15s at -40℃
Acceleration (No Load)700~2200r/min.t≦5s
Fuel System Denso HPO CR System
Overall Dimension mm 925(Length)×900(Width) ×794(Height)
Weight kg 500

SDEC is a renowned diesel engine manufacturer in China. We are able to provide high quality Natural gas engines, diesel engines for truck use, and marine engines at competitive prices. To date, we have received ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 certification, and our engines have gained world-wide popularity in countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, India, and so on.
For more detailed product information, please browse our website or contact us directly.

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