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6CL Diesel Engine for Trucks

6CL Diesel Engine for Trucks was developed by elongating the piston stroke of 6C diesel engine. It is ideal power for a new generation.
GOOD RELIABILITY Optimized design and high quality components ensure good engine reliability with a first overhaul interval of 400.000km.
COMPLIANCE WITH EMISSION STANDARDS Meet EuroⅡ emissions regulations with mechanical fuel system and Euro Ⅲ emissions regulations with electronic fuel system.
GOOD FUEL ECONOMY Optimized engine development ensures a wide range of low fuel consumption with minimum BSFC below 200g/kWh
Inter-changeable with 6C engine to achieve good compatibility and adaptation.
GOOD PERFORMANCE Rated power is 300 PS with large low-end torque.

Model Unit Euro Ⅱ
6CL280 6CL290 6CL330
Type In-line,6-Cylinder,4-Stroke, Water Cooled
Bore×Stroke mm×mm 114×144
Total Displacement L 9
Speed/Power@Rate Conditon kw/r/min 206/2200 213/2200 243/2200
Fuel Consumption Rate@Rated Condition g/kw.h ≤226
Smoke@Rated Conditon FSN ≤1.0
Max.Torque/Speed N.m/r/min 1170/1300~1500 1185/1300~1500 1320/1300~1500
Torque Back-up % ≥20
Fuel Consumption@Max.Torque g/kw.h ≤198
Smoke@Max.Torque FSN ≤0.5
Oil/Fuel Consumption Ratio % ≤0.40
Noise Db(A) ≤98
Overall Dimension mm 1363(Length) ×925(With) ×794(Height)
Weight kg 640

Established in 1947, SDEC is a premier diesel engine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our diesel engine for trucks or truck engine is very popular with customers worldwide. Owing to our high quality engines and generators, we have received ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 certification. We are located in Shanghai. Here we have easy access to sea ports, airports and highways, which allow us to ship our products at competitive prices.
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