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Automobile Crane, Hoisting Machinery

Hoisting Machinery - Automobile Crane
SDEC is a power supplier with the widest application for automobile crane machinery based in China. For over a decade, its market share has been above 70%. Its engines for automobile crane all reach the Euro III and above emission standards. The SC9DK and SC9DF of Euro III/IV can be supplied in volume.

Engine Models for Automobile Crane
Machine Model Engine Model Power/Speed (kW/min) Max. Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/r/min) Emissions
12t SC8DK230Q3 170/2200 830/1400 EUROⅢ
16t/20t SC8DK260Q3 192/2200 1000/1400 EUROⅢ
25t/30t SC8DK280Q3 206/2200 1112/1400 EUROⅢ
35t SC9DK320Q3 235/2200 1250/1400 EUROⅢ
50t SC9DF340Q3 251/2200 1430/1400 EUROⅢ
60t SC9DF375Q3 275/2200 1500/1400 EUROⅢ
16t/20t SC9DF260Q4 192/2200 1000/1400 EUROⅣ
25t/30t SC9DF290Q4 213/2200 1200/1400 EUROⅣ
60t SC9DF375Q4 275/2200 1500/1400 EUROⅣ
Typical Engine Dimension DBK0811
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