Shovel Loader

Shovel Loader-Use Diesel Engine Table
Matching Model Type of Diesel Engine Power/Speed kw/r/min Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/r/min
ZL30 D4114ZG4B 85/2200 450/1350~1450
ZL40 D6114ZG9B 125/2200 675/1540
ZL50 C6121ZG19b 158/2200 823/1400
C6121ZG19n 162/2200 843/1400
D6114ZGB 160/2200 850/1300~1500
D9-220 162/2200 850/1400~1500
ZL60 C6121ZG10p 174.5/2200 912/1400
G128ZG11 184/2200 950/1300~1400
ZL80 C6121ZLG01b 224/2200 1192/1400

SDEC is a China-based diesel engine manufacturer. In order to meet your various needs, we provide a wide variety of products such as diesel engines, Natural gas engines, and generators etc. Thanks to their consistent quality and reliability, our diesel engines are widely used in shovel loaders, road rollers, land scrapers, passenger cars, ships, mobile power station etc.With over 60 years of experience, we have the capacity to make competitive products.
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