Land Scraper

Land Scraper-Use Diesel Engine Table
Matching Model Type of Diesel Engine Power/Speed kw/r/min Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/r/min
PY160 D6114ZG9B 125/2200 675/1540
PY165 C6121ZG14d 125/2200 652/1400
D6114ZG9B 125/2200 675/1540
PY180 D6114ZG1B 140/2300 650/1610
PY190 C6121ZG14c 143/2200 748/1400
D6114ZG1B 140/2200 670/1540
PY200 D6114ZG14B 147/2300 702/<1610
PY210 D6114ZG15B 156/2400 683/≤1680
PY220 C6121ZG14b 162/2200 843/1400

As a professional diesel engine manufacturer in China, SDEC provides high quality diesel engines for a range of engineering machinery, such as land scrapers, bulldozers, and road rollers. Thanks to their high quality and low prices, our engines and generators are very popular in the global markets, including America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and India etc.
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