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Road Machinery — Road Roller

SDEC is an enterprise with the highest market share in the domestic road roller market. It has ranked No.1 for ten years successively in the domestic market, with market occupancy up to 80%.

Engine Models for Road Roller
Machine Model Engine Model Power/Speed (kW/min) Max. Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/r/min) Emissions
14t SC5D122G2B1 90/1800 550/1500 EURO II
16t/18t SC8D156.2G2B1 115/1800 765/1260 EURO II
18t/20t SC8D175.1G2B1 128/2000 720/1400 EURO II
SC8D180G2B1 132/2000 700/1500 EURO II
SC8D190.1G2B1 140/2200 720/1540 EURO II
22/24t SC8D185G2B1 136/2000 750/1500 EURO II
SC8D190.1G2B1 140/2200 720/1540 EURO II
25/26t SC8D190.2G2B1 140/2000 750/1540 EURO II
Typical Engine Dimension SC8D180G2
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