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Wheel Loader, Scraping Machine

Scraping Machine – Loader
SDEC is one of the most important loader power suppliers based in China. To date, the main engines for loaders of SDEC are the D9 and SC11CB (C6121) series. D9 products are available for medium and heavy-duty loaders and SC11CB (C6121) products are available for heavy-duty 50, 60 and 80 loaders, particularly available for working at harsh conditions such as high strength, high temperature, low temperature and high altitude.

D9 Product Advantages
Over the eight years since its launch, our sales of D9 has exceeded 400,000. Regarding the latest working conditions and power requirements of domestic 50 loaders, SDEC has upgraded the D9 engine.

Strong Power
Special speed controller for engineering machineries upgrading response speed by 30%, air-air intercooling technology upgrading power by 30%.

High Reliability
The overall thermal load is reduced as well as the thermal load of related parts. Reliability is enhanced by 30%. The high quality of key parts is guaranteed. The sealing elements in the leakage prevention design for oil seal and water seal use superior materials. The sealing structure uses a secure, reliable and tolerant design.

Good Economical Efficiency
Diesel consumption is reduced by more than 5% (compared with the second generation of supercharger type). Economical fuel consumption advantages have been improved compared with similar products. Domestic mainstream engineering machinery manufacturers have fully tested and verified such upgrade.

Good Cold Start
Cold-start performance of engine for northern cold areas has been particularly improved. Without adding any auxiliary device, the engine can be easily started at subzero 15oC. When an auxiliary device is added, the engine can be started at subzero 45.

SC11CB Product Advantages
Strong Power
The displacement is 10.5L, and the maximum torque reserve coefficient can reach up to 1.5; having exceptional dynamic property and good response and it is easy to operate.

Strong Plateau Adaptability, Superior Low Temperature Start up Performance
No engine power is lost if at a plateau with an altitude of 4500 m and above.

Sufficient Storage of Spare Parts, Easy Maintenance and Simple Repair
Spare parts are easily available around the country, repair accessories are reasonably priced, and fittings are easy to purchase.

Engine Models for Loader
Machine Model Engine Model Power/Speed (kW/min) Max. Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/r/min) Emissions
ZL30 SC5D125G2B1 92/2200 440/1400~1500 EURO II
ZL40 SC8D170G2B1 125/2200 650/1300~1500 EURO II
ZL50 SC11CB220G2B1 162/2200 843/1400 EURO II
SC9D210.1G2B1 155/2000 880/1300~1500 EURO II
SC9D220G2B1 162/2200 920/1300~1500 EURO II
SC9D210.1G2 155/2000 880/1300~1500 EURO II
SC9D220G2 162/2200 920/1300~1500 EURO II
SC8DK220G3 162/2200 850/1300~1500 TierⅢ/StageⅢA
SC11CB220.1G2B1 162/2200 930/1300~1500 EURO II
ZL60 SC11CB240.1G2B1 174.5/2200 912~950/1400 EURO II
ZL80 SC11CB305G2 224/2200 1192/1400 EURO II
Typical Engine Dimension SC9D220G2B1
Engine Models for Bulldozer
Machine Model Engine Model Power/Speed (kW/min) Max. Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/r/min) Emissions
TY130 SC8D143G2B1 105/1900 690/1300 EURO II
TY140 SC8D156.2G2B1 115/1800 765/1260 EURO II
TY150 SC8D170.2G2B1 125/1800 750/1400 EURO II
TY160 SC8D180.2G2B1 132/2000 810/1450 EURO II
SC11CB184G2B1 135/1850 843/1300 EURO II
TY165 SC11CB184G2B1 135/1850 843/1300 EURO II
TY180 SC11CB200G2B1 148.5/1850 870/1200 EURO II
TY220 SC11CB260.1G2 190/2000 1090/1400 EURO II
Typical Engine Dimension SC11CB
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